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College Coach Registration 270 Hoops Ohio Prospect Camp


The 270 Hoops Ohio Prospect Camp is free for all college coaches

Welcome to the 270 Hoops Ohio Prospect Camp college coach registration page.


This camp is FREE for all college coaches to attend, and will offer FREE coaches packets. This is more than likely the ONLY event where you will not have to spend any money on admission and information. Our goal is to help you see players in a competitive environment where players will be forced to show how well they can make decisions in a fast-paced environment. 


Continue in this registration is you would like to secure your program's spot in the event. As a final reminder, we are NOT charging college coaches for admission nor coaches information packets. 


Event Details and Location

Central Crossing High School

4500 Big Run South Rd, Grove City, OH 43123


11th-12th Grade: Wednesday, July 12

9th-10th Grade: Saturday, August 19

5th-8th Grade: Saturday, August 26


Please direct questions to:

Zach Fleer

Event Director